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Tim Talbert
Columbus native and heartbeat of the band is the sensational Tim Talbert. (Keyboardist/Vocalist/Songwriter) Tim's innate ability to play and sing started from a very early age. With his musical roots grounded in gospel music, gigs with his father introduced him to various styles of music, mainly blues. Studies in music composition and theory has allowed him to perform with many artists, productions, and plays spanning the globe. His talents do not stop with performance; he produces, arranges, and composes. You will not be sitting still when you hear him play!


Joslyn Hampton
Joslyn Hampton is an unbelieveable vocalist! Classically trained, Joslyn brings incredible lead and harmony to the band. Singing songs from Aretha Franklin, Be'yonce, Etta James, and Jill Scott, (to name a few) Joslyn will have you enjoying her amazing voice control as well as enjoying her dancing! We are truly honored to have the very wonderful Joslyn Hampton


Mike Roberts
On Saxaphone is the incomparable Mike "Snakebite" Roberts. Mike has played with the legendary groups Slave and Rick James' Stone City Band. Mike has an unbelievable stage presence and his scales are incredible. Mike is truly an asset to the band and one experience of Mr. Roberts will have you a fan!


Bill Rawlings
Hailing from Lexington, Ky. is the multi-talented Bill Rawlings! Bill is an unbelievable drummer! You will feel his talent from the moment he starts to play. Bill makes each song exciting and his talents are unbelievable!

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